Radiation, Air Quality, Weather Monitoring
and Pollutant Source Regions

Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis System

The system runs unattended on a LINUX based Raspberry Pi. Radiation monitoring, weather, and air quality data are collected in real-time. The previous six hours of monitoring data are shown on the time-series graphic in the center column. The rightmost column shows the upwind dilution patterns representing potential pollutant sources. The source location patterns are computed for each each six hour period using 18-h forecast meteorological fields, obtained four times a day (0000, 0600, 1200, and 1800 UTC or Z time). The graphics are uploaded to the web site four times per day after the new forcast data become available. The local time of the upload is indicated at the top of the rightmost columnn. The default display time shows the most recent graphic. Older upload times and previous days can be selected from the time and day entry above the middle column graphic. All graphics for the last month are also available from the monitoring and pollutant source archive pages. An on demand time-series graphic for prior months can be created from the archive data by entering the end time of the desired six hour segment.

Conversion of UTC (Greenwich or Z time) to Eastern Time:
0000 UTC = 2000 EDT = 1900 EST
0600 UTC = 0200 EDT = 0100 EST
1200 UTC = 0800 EDT = 0700 EST
1800 UTC = 1400 EDT = 1300 EST