Exercise #13




  • Problem #1 - Using the nine output files from the previous section, determine the time variation of the emission rate using the ratio method.

  • Hint - Instead of using a simple ratio of Measured/Calculated to determine the release rate each hour, use the values already tabulated in the coefficient matrix (c2array.csv) to compute a regression slope of M/C.

  • Solution - EXCEL summary

  • Problem #2 - Recompute the nine output files for each emission time using a meteorological ensemble as discussed in the air concentration uncertainty section and compute the emission rate using SVD and cost function solutions.

  • Hint - The simpliest approach would be to edit the SVD solution script to include a new loop to vary the meteorological data with each new emission time. Sections for the SVD and cost function solutions could also be included from their respective scripts or solved through the GUI.

  • Solution - An example script is provided to compute the multi-release multi-meteorology TCM. Solving the TCM through the GUI shows that the SVD solution has not improved, but although over predicted, the cost function solution captures the correct emission times.