Exercise #10




  • Problem #1 - The original base case 68-h duration simulation was illustrated by an animation showing the sequence of model calculated three hour average concentration in comparison with the measurement data averaged over the duration of the sampling. Reproduce this graphic but use the measurement data corresponding with each sampling period.

  • Hint - Retrieve captex_control.txt and captex_setup.txt from the original CAPTEX configuration and remember that most of the sampling data in captex2_meas.txt are of 6 h duration. If you ignore the 3 h duration samples and then you can start model output at 0300, 0900, 1500, and 2100 hours.

  • Solution - concplot.gif

  • Problem #2 - Continue with the previous problem by creating an animation of the contours using Google Earth. The measurement data can be excluded for this problem.

  • Hint - Rerun the contouring display and select KML/KMZ as the output option.

  • Solution - After opening the HYSPLITconc.kmz file, sequence through the images to optimize the map so that the same domain can be used for all frames. Then starting with the first time period, select the save image button, and for example, name the file frame01.jpg and save the image. Advance to the next time period and save the image to frame02.jpg, and continue through the last time period. Then open the command prompt window and change to the directory with the saved images and type the following ImageMagick command: convert -loop 100 -delay 50 +repage -dispose Background frame??.jpg animation.gif to create the animation. More information about convert can be found by typing it without arguments or in the ImageMagick documentation.