Exercise #3




  • Problem #1 - The HYSPLIT GUI menu noted that the user generated meteorology file has a resolution of 1 km while the text in the Tutorial section indicated a resolution of 10 km. Which is correct?

  • Hint - Use the Display Data / Grid Domain utility program

  • Solution - showgrid.ps

  • Problem #2 - Use the profile program to compare the meteorological data at Dayton, Ohio (25th 1800 UTC) between the NARR and WRF27. Both have comparable spatial resolution.

  • Hint - Note that the NARR and the WRF27 require different offset times so that the first output time is at 1800 UTC.

  • Solution - At around 925 hPa (mid-boundary layer) the NARR and the WRF27 data are very similar. While at the surface, the wind direction difference is about 6 degrees. Note that wind direction components (UWND, VWND) are quite different because of the grid alignments with north.