Workbook for Estimating the Climatology of Regional-Continental Scale Atmospheric Dispersion and Deposition over the United States


Roland R. Draxler and Jerome L. Heffter


NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL ARL-96, February 1981


Abstract - A version of the Air Resources Laboratories' (ARL) regional trajectory model was developed to permit simultaneous calculation of trajectories from 70 hypothetical sources for very long periods. Five years of data were used to develop a climatology of atmospheric dispersion.  Air concentrations were calculated at receptors coincident with the 70 source locations.  Each source and receptor was treated independently to develop a source/receptor matrix that can be used to produce air concentration patterns over the U.S. for any combination of sources or to evaluate the impact of different sources on any receptor.  Five-year averages of seasonal and annual air concentrations are given for various combinations of wet and dry deposition.  Example calculations are shown.



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