Final Report, Task Group on WMO/CTBTO Matters


Draxler, R.R., L-E DeGeer, M. Auer


WMO Commission for Basic Systems, 15-17 July, Geneva, Switzerland, 10 p., 1998


Introduction The conjoint WMO/CTBTO Expert Meeting on Meteorological Data, Products and Services, and on WMO/IAEA Environmental Emergency Response Activities (Vienna, 1-5 December 1997) proposed to establish a small WMO task group and to invite CTBTO PTS experts to participate. The group would explain, discuss, and identify mutual needs and respective benefits and explore areas of possible future collaboration in areas related to meteorological measurements and transport modeling. In accordance with the terms of reference of the task group, most of the work in developing the draft report was accomplished by correspondence/e-mail.


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