Calculated and Observed Seasonal and Annual Krypton-85 Concentrations at 30-150 km From a Point Source


K, Telegadas, G.J. Ferber, J.L. Heffter, and R.R. Draxler


Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 12, pp. 1769-1775, 1978


Abstract - One year of weekly average Kr-85 concentrations observed at 13 sampling locations from 30 to 150 km from a quasi-continuous point source is used in a verification study involving two air pollution models. The first, a stability wind rose model, similar to those widely used for long-term regional pollution studies, overestimates the seasonal and annual values by an approximate factor of 4 on the average. Factors that contribute to the overestimation are the use of surface winds, which a slower than stack-height winds, and a likely tendency to overestimate the frequency and duration of stable conditions. The second, a trajectory-diffusion model developed by the Air Resources Laboratories, shows good agreement with the observed concentrations.  Calculated seasonal averages are generally within a factor of 2 of the observed average values. Calculated annual averages are within +/- 20% of the observed average values at most stations.



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