Evaluation of the NCEP Regional Spectral Model to support NOAA’s environmental emergency response program


McQueen, J.T., R.R. Draxler, G.D. Rolph, and H.H. Juang


Proceedings, 11th Numerical Weather Prediction, American Meteorological Society Meeting, 1996


Introduction – HYSPLIT predictions driven by the nested RSM and the coarser grid NCEP global Medium Range Forecast (MRF) model will be compared for the March 12, 1996 RSMC exercise Gentilly-1, Canada nuclear power plant in the province of Quebec. RSMC-Canada and RSMC-Australia also participated in the exercise. Finally, these results will be compared with the non-hydrostatic Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) predictions that are typically used at ARL for research applications.


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