Analysis of the Source Region and Variation of Surface SO2 at Lin'An Station


Yan Peng, Fang Xiumei, Li Xingsheng, R. R. Draxler


Quarterly Journal of Applied Meteorology, Vol. 10, No. 3,  pp. 267-275, August 1999


Abstract - Backward trajectory cluster analysis is used to determine the source regions and variation of surface SO2 at Lin'An regional background station under different weather conditions in September and October 1994.  Furthermore, by using Lagrangian transport, dispersion and deposition model, the contributions from different areas to surface SO2 concentrations at Lin'An station are calculated.  In comparison with the observations, it is shown that the model well simulated the variations of surface SO2 at Lin'An. Meanwhile, it is also shown that the concentrations and variations of surface SO2 observed at Lin'An station could reflect those of eastern China.



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