Incorporation of Detailed Chemistry into a Three-Dimensional Lagrangian-Eulerian Hybrid Model: Application to Regional Tropospheric Ozone


Ariel F. Stein, Dennis Lamb, Roland R. Draxler


Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 34, pp. 4361-4372, 2000


Abstract - During the last 20 years a variety of models have been developed to study the transport, transformation and deposition of pollutants on the regional scale. Different levels of complexity have been considered to depict these phenomena. The representation of the chemical transformations has been one of the most challenging tasks. A detailed non-linear Eulerian chemistry module (CheM) has here been added to the hybrid single-particle Lagrangian integrated trajectory (HY-SPLIT) model. The model is applied to analyze changes in hourly averaged ozone concentration over the period of 8-12 July 1996. Comparisons between simulation results and measurements form 11 monitoring stations throughout Pennsylvania show that hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian modeling techniques are promising and may be useful for predicting air quality variables in general.


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