Examining the possibility of real-time mesoscale model forecasts in regions of moderately complex terrain


McQueen, J.T., R.R. Draxler, and G.D. Rolph


Preprints, 10th Conf. Num. Wea. Prediction, Amer. Meteo. Soc., Portland, OR, 1994, 412-414.


Introduction – One of the functions of the Air Resources Laborato­ry (ARL) of NOAA is to predict the consequences of atmospheric releases of radioactivity and other poten­tially harmful materials.  This paper will overview use of the Regional Atmospheric Modelling System (RAMS; Pielke et al., 1992) for the ARL emergency response program to simulate local circulations and drive the ARL transport and dispersion models.  The simulation of atmospheric flow around the Susquehanna, PA nuclear power plant in the Susquehanna river valley during a strong coastal cyclone is chosen to evaluate the ARL version of RAMS.  This study will also report on the ability to simulate smaller scale processes (1-100 km) which occurred.


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