Testing a Mesoscale Model with the Savannah River Plant Krypton-85 Air Concentration Data


Roland R. Draxler


Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 16, No. 5, pp. 1261-1264, 1982


Abstract - A quantitative measure of the errors associated with calculated concentrations from a mesoscale trajectory-dispersion model are discussed in relation to averaging time and type of wind observations used for advection calculations. Errors were determined by comparison of calculated air concentrations with measured values of Krypton-85 at 13 locations near Aiken, SC for 2 years of weekly and 4 months of twice-daily sampling. The error in calculated concentrations was found to decrease significantly when concentrations were averaged for periods of greater than one week and also decrease when tower wind data, in addition to the regular surface observations, were used in advection calculations.


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