DATEM – Data Archive of Tracer Experiments and Meteorology


Roland R. Draxler, Jerome L. Heffter, Glenn D. Rolph


Internal Unpublished Report, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, 14 August 2001, Last Revision: 23 July 2002


Abstract – The availability of meteorological re-analysis archives at several international centers provides an opportunity to link high quality modern meteorological data with the data from many older long-range tracer experiments.  A set of CDs and web site has been created that contains the experimental data,  relevant reports,

meteorological data, statistical analysis,  and display software, all in a common non-proprietary format for PC or UNIX applications.  This data base permits the atmospheric transport modeling community to conduct various verification and sensitivity studies and compare model results with each other on a common basis.  Currently, only longer range (100's to 1000's of km downwind) experimental data are considered, consistent with the spatial and  temporal resolution of the meteorological re-analysis data.  The DATEM archive (software and data files) can be accessed through the ARL web page User’s of the data base are encouraged to share any additional analysis software that they might develop and prepare and submit additional experimental data to the archive.


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