Long-Range Transport Model Evaluation Using CAPTEX Aircraft and Surface Data

I: Vertical Tracer Distribution


B.J. Billman Stunder, J.L. Heffter, and R.R. Draxler


Conference Proceedings


Introduction - The Cross-Appalachian Tracer Experiment (CAPTEX) consisted of seven ground-level perfluorocarbon tracer gas releases during the period September-October 1983. The releases took place under fairly homogeneous conditions because they occurred when the tracer was predicted to flow over the surface sampling network of automatic sequential samplers in the northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada. Five afternoon releases were made from Dayton, Ohio during anti-cyclonic flow. Two releases took place from Sudbury, Ontario after midnight behind a cold fronts. Upper air meteorological data networks were enhanced by the addition of 10 rawindsonde stations and the reporting frequency of the upper air stations was increased to 4 soundings per day.


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