Modeling the CAPTEX Vertical Tracer Concentration Profiles


Roland R. Draxler and Barbara J.B. Stunder


Journal of Applied Meteorology, Vol. 27, No. 5, pp. 618-625, 1988


Abstract - Perfluorocarbon tracer concentration profiles measured by aircraft 600-900 km downwind of the release locations during CAPTEX are discussed and compared with some model results.  In general, the concentrations decreased with height in the upper half of the boundary layer where the aircraft measurements were made.  The results of a model sensitivity study suggested that the shape of the profile was primarily due to winds increasing with height and relative position of the sampling with respect to the upwind and downwind edge of the plume.  Further modeling studies showed that relatively simple vertical mixing parameterizations could account for the complex vertical plume structure when the model had sufficient vertical resolution.  In general, the model performed better with slower winds and corresponding longer transport times.


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