A Preliminary Study of Effects from Surrounding Sources on Surface SO2 in Beijing


Yan Peng, Huang Jian, Roland Draxler


Journal of Applied Meteorological Science, Vol. 13, Suppl., January 2002


Abstract - Using the Lagrangian transport, dispersion, and deposition model to calculate the variation of surface SO2 during periods from September to October of 1994, January of 1995 and January 2000 in Beijing.  Further the source contributions of SO2 from the regions surrounding Beijing are studied.  Model results indicate that the simulated concentration levels and their daily variations are in good agreement with the observations in all periods.  The concentrations of surface SO2 varies in different weather conditions.  The Bejing local emissions make greater contributions to the surface SO2, but in some weather conditions the contributions from sources out of Beijing became an important part, i.e. in some situations, the influences from non-local emissions are not negligible.


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