Across North America Tracer Experiment (ANATEX) Volume II: Aircraft-Based Sampling


B.J.B. Stunder and R.R. Draxler


NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL ARL-177, October 1989


Abstract - Aircraft-based sampling was an integral part of ANATEX. The data are useful for establishing the initial tracer path and for providing vertical tracer distributions. Because there were few, if any, ground-level sampling sites near the sources, the aircraft sampling was done within about 450 km of the two release sites (Glasgow, MT and St. Cloud, MN) and between altitudes near the ground to 2800 m above ground.  One or two aircraft sampled 26 of the 33 Glasgow plumes.  Usually one flew above the other to obtain vertical tracer profiles.  The GGW plume was traversed at least once for 23 of the 26 releases sampled, with 30% of all the samples near GGW containing excess tracer. One aircraft sampled 16 St. Cloud plumes, with tracer concentrations above background reported for all 16 releases.  Fifty percent of all the samples of the STC contained excess tracer.  The instrumentation, operations, and data quality assurance are discussed.  The complete archived dataset, consisting of aircraft position data, tracer data, and meteorological data, is included in the report.  In addition, data summaries for all flights are displayed in tabular format.



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