Measured Weekly and Twice-Daily Krypton-85 Surface Air Concentrations within 150 km of the Savannah River Plant (March 1975 through September 1977)


K. Telegadas, G.J. Ferber, R.R. Draxler, M.M. Pendergast, A.L. Boni, J.P. Hughes, J. Gray


NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL ARL-80


Abstract - A cryogenic air sampling network of 13 stations surrounding the Savannah River Plant operated continuously taking weekly or twice-daily Kr-85 samples from March 1975 to September 1977.  These data are reported together with the monthly Kr-85 emissions at the plant and associated meteorological data.  The Kr-85 sampling data have also been averaged into monthly, seasonal, and annual concentrations.  These data should prove useful to air pollution modelers for model improvement and verification.



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